Date: 2013-09-06 03:41 am (UTC)
minkhollow: (here at the end of all things)
From: [personal profile] minkhollow
Evil Artie is something I do want to hang onto for my RP stuff - with a different setup, since our current plan won't include the astrolabe, and a different ending because he won't end up making it out of the Warehouse - but seriously, guys. You don't have to stand there and take the diatribes! TESLA HIM!

As for HG... she's never been normal. Why start now? Aside from her chasing Christina's ghost, it doesn't really add up for me. But I do agree that by now they should've either truly committed to Myka/HG or truly shot it down in text (I don't consider Nate to be that, especially with confirmation she'll be back at least once in S5).

The reason Evil Giles came in so low on my Big Bad rank is that Steve was pretty much the only person who didn't end up with the Idiot Ball at some point; I don't could the Mesmer magnet whammy because that was in fact a whammy. If your Diabolical Plan only works because everyone else is being a dumbass, it's not a good Diabolical Plan.

Quinn and I had this lovely theory going when all we'd heard about the finale was vague murmurs about Claudia's sister, in which the sister in question was Olivia Jinks. (It'd explain why they look so much alike! And Steve's mom only has pictures of her, Olivia and Steve - they could easily have two different fathers.) That was a lovely theory and I wish they'd gone with it, though obviously if they wanted her to be alive after all it'd take some Explaining (Artifacts being what they are, though, it could be done).

'Kicked into an AU' is the best I've got. Part of why I want to see(/maybe write) a thing where Doug goes 'wait, what sister, you've literally never mentioned this before, it's not even in your personnel file that I totally didn't save off your mainframe when I was there what are you talking about... ANYWAY.'
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