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So. Oz the Great and Powerful.
It wasn't great, but it was good. I shook my head at some things, but absolutely loved some others. (NB: I have never read any of the books, so I can't compare this to book canon. I know Garland!Oz and Wicked, but these are three distinct wossnames here. Four if you count the musical.)
Trailers of note first. Iron Man 3: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. I won't be able to handle it. After Earth: Refreshing to see two black people carry an action movie, but it's not quite my cup of tea. Lone Ranger:

Dear Disney, would it have killed you to hire a Native American actor instead of Johnny Depp? I mean, seriously. It's not like there was a big-name movie franchise that hired Native American actors or any...
Oh, wait. And Twilight's done filming.

So the effects were absolutely gorgeous, especially the transition from the black-and-white beginning segment to Oz. (Also: THIS IS WHY I FUCKING HATE TORNADOES. I mean, I knew there'd be one, but seriously. They drove home how nasty they can be.)
Things I shook my head at: Ladies waiting for a man to save them, the fact that there was a prophecy at all (why is it when there are prophecies everyone sits there until the Chosen One shows up???), Theodora... just... Theodora. I thought right after she showed up 'if she's dead or green by the end of this I'll be VERY disappoint.'
Well, folks: I am VERY disappoint. Doubly so because she's Green of a Broken Heart (and a little 'help' from her sister).

Things I love:
*You have to admit, staging a Grand Battle when most of the participants are forbidden to kill anyone is epic. They way they went about it was epic win.
*The little china girl; WHY DID SHE NOT GET A NAME. She's all 'I may be made of breakable material but I am helping your asses, deal with it - oh hey, you need to get an important thing to the Emerald City and the shortest route's through the poppy field? I AND MY LACK OF NOSTRILS WILL HANDLE THAT.' She's the best ever.
*Glinda was pretty epic herself. Given that she's defensive-magic focused, I kiiinda see why she didn't take matters into her own hands? (BUT WHY NOT THEODORA. I'm digressing.)
*Oscar's character arc was visible in his circus act. Even though he was complaining about the pitiful take they got for putting on the show at all, when the girl said 'make me walk again' and her parents said 'here is ALL OUR MONEY,' he didn't take it.
If he'd taken it, he wouldn't have been the kind of person Oz needed; he just couldn't see that in himself.

In conclusion: Yes, there are problems. But it's a good story and it has some wonderful moments in it.
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