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Not much to report this week. (Though I am considering finally writing the Cold Case/W13 crossover that's kicking around my head. If I do... it'll rip my heart out, just like Cold Case does. Right in the feels, every time.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!

for [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Ruby-MM, who we are and were
Ruby sighs. "I know you're tired of fighting, but we don't all have the luxury of choosing not to. That's the thing."

Charles-Phyllis, what we choose
They both know they won't choose to do the safe thing. The safe thing is hopelessly boring and not true to themselves.

Imp-Moist, a contract
"Do you really have to read the whole thing?" "Welll, of course. That's what contracts are for, isn't it?"

Also, if anyone wants to leave a shortfic prompt here, go for it.
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