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Well, this is it.
So long, LJ, and thanks for all the fish. I'll still comment (when I can, mutter grumble) but I'm done crossposting.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:

Claudia, normal day at the office
"Magnetized yourself to the ceiling?" Steve says, voice full of disbelief; Claudia shrugs.
"Just another day at the office."

Red, teaching and learning
Snow needs the survival skills Red's teaching her; she doesn't realise how much she needs what Snow's friendship can teach.

Imp, music on my fingers
When he plays, now, it's not the all-consuming need of the stuff with rocks in it, but he can't really stop it, either.

Regulus, benefit of being a Black
He doesn't like overdoing it, but it's nice, sometimes, making people rush to help with only a raised eyebrow.
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