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Quiet Thanksgiving here, and really, that's okay by me. (What I'm thankful for: All of you lot, quality entertainment, and [personal profile] quinby most especially.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Ruby, my bed
Once she knows she can control herself, her bed goes empty three nights a month. Ruby's got better things to do than sleep.

Phyllis-Charles, not afraid
Once they find their respective callings, they're much more comfortable explaining themselves to other people.

Claudia-Moist, your twisty mind
"How did you even think of that?"
Claudia smirks. "You're not the only one capable of dick moves, you know."

Apollo, fire of creation
He loves, more than nearly anything else, the moment that spark of 'what if?' lights up in someone's mind.

Imp,a date
It's apparent, after half an hour, that she doesn't care one bit for or about music. Imp sighs, and doesn't meet her again.

For [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Phyllis - Never send a man to do a woman's job
She finds Jack trying to make sense of the Lovelace printouts (and ruining her filing system while he's at it), and sighs.

Cata-Medic - amusements
She has a chance to see Medic's pet projects, on what turns out to be a quiet work day for him. It's fascinating.

Claudia-Moist - a quiet night
Honestly, she's amazed Al even knows what down time *is* - he always seems to be running from something.

Red - tearing at the sun
She's restless all day, practically itching for moonrise so she can get some quality running through the woods in.

For [twitter.com profile] tauntingdragons:
Apollo - Father's Day
The first time one of his kids sends up an offering specifically with Father's Day in mind, he's mightily confused.

More as it develops!
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