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Long, long ago, on an Internet far, far away, there was a game. It sort of sprang up organically and sustained itself for a bit over a year before RL and/or Milliways pulled us all away.
in which I wax rhapsodic for a while on the topic )
Anyway, cut to last week, when I finally got around to reading Unseen Academicals. It's an excellent book on its own, but a certain bit character's reappearance for the first time in several books caught my attention - and promptly hit me with a plot bunny. For now, I'm only posting this here, as it may not make much sense to people without the context. It's taking the 'verse we were messing about it and moving forward to a bit before UA starts.
(If anyone cares to try anyway: The first POV character in this is an OC I played for a while; the game premise, such as there was one, was that PCs - Powered by Celery - became widely available; yes, this is still my OTP, nearly nine years later; Adrian did have himself a fan club; one of the major in-game plots was Lilith having a go at Ankh-Morpork, with semi-disastrous results.)
sort of a love letter to the RP that ate my senior year of high school )
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So this week has brought some unexpected pitfalls with it (among other things, we're not looking at an apartment tonight after all); square one for everyone! Drinks all around! (Also, things I did not miss about New England: HOUSE CENTIPEDES AND THEIR RELATIONS. ONE TRIED TO SET UP SHOP INSIDE MY RAZOR HANDLE.)
But we're having company tomorrow, and I'm still not freaking out. All will be well, and all that.
And now, #FicFriday:
OUaT, Warehouse 13, W13/Disc, OUaT/X-Men: First Class, W13/XMFC (both of those by way of panfandomsandbox), Greek mythos )
More as it develops!
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So [personal profile] ladyoflorien had this fabulous idea on Twitter, where you try to fit a mini-tiny-teeny fic into 140 characters. Actually, it's usually closer to 130, after you @reply it to the person who prompted you, but still. So I gave it a try tonight, and here's what happened.
fandoms: Once Upon a Time, Potterverse AU, Warehouse 13, Percy Jackson/Greek mythology (yes, the designation means something) by way of Milliways, W13/Disc by way of Milliways, OUaT/X-Men: First Class by way of panfandomsandbox )
In conclusion, kinda fun!
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A couple of squee-worthy things, one of which is a PSA:
*So I had a volunteer to move [livejournal.com profile] lower_tadfield into the Era of Tags. This is pretty damn awesome - though a lot of the earliest stuff is full of dead links, now. SO: If anyone reading this has moved website-house for their fic or pictures (and a few of you have posts in the tag, which is why I mention), hop on over to the 'dead links' tag and fix the links, if you could? The tags only go up to about May 2005, at the moment, but that's where the bum links are most likely to be.
*And now for something completely different: [livejournal.com profile] roads_untaken. Panfandom AU-versions-of-characters goodness. Go forth and join; it's fun!
(On a related note: WHY DID IT TAKE ME SIX YEARS TO COME UP WITH [livejournal.com profile] not_elvish. WHY. ALSO, HOLY CRAP IT'S BEEN SIX YEARS. XD)
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So. Surprise party for my aunt last night (her birthday was inauguration day). The surprise for everyone else: My aunt and uncle who live in New Mexico showed up. They're probably back at the airport now (didn't have much advance notice), but it was good to see them.
Otherwise, things are thing-like, with a side of lots of writing (which is always good.) For those wondering, the 'how to spend iTunes money' debate boiled down to Soul Music (the audiobook) and Dr. Horrible, so far.
There's an alumnae dinner thingy tonight that I'm going to. Odds I'm the youngest person there: high.
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I have iTunes back (and a fully-functional Hex!), two restarts later.
Also, it appears the prices on the Discworld audiobooks have dropped by about half since the last time I looked; I could conceivably get two of them with my gift card money! I probably will only get one, so that I can investigate Dr. Horrible and this new Andrew Bird album I've heard about and... other stuff. (Like maybe the soundtrack for the cheesy Soul Music animated adaptation. XD)
So I'm gonna think that one over for a bit.
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You know what's awesome? SIR TERRY PRATCHETT, IS WHAT.
Otherwise: There were some good bits to this year, but on the whole I'm glad to see it go. Hopefully 2009 will bring some gainful employment. (At the very least, it will bring writing. Lots of writing. ::eyes [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout::)
If anyone cares to guess what I wrote for Yuletide, feel free (my beta-reader is, of course, Not Allowed). I'm tempted to write up commentaries for the both of them, after the fact.
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And the news does it again: Some More of Clinton's Greatest Mistakes. (Okay, so that's not the actual headline, but still.)
Classes are over; two exams between me and my degree. I'm relieved that the academic part's over, at least, but... a little terrified about the rest.
Sold the rest of my books back, and then poked around the bookstore to see if there was anything worth using one of my discount cards on. And there was, in the form of PRATCHETT META. The world makes me v. happy, sometimes.
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Because this will probably interest some people: Andrew Bird is blogging! (The things you find out by grabbing the paper. XD)
Otherwise, life's been pretty standard for school hijinks. Undirected creative energy, license to expect the Spanish Inquisition in Crusades today, email from the mother asking about my favorite color (sounds like art to me, but time will tell)... ::shrugs:: Not exactly scintillating, in this department.
But there will be a [livejournal.com profile] sotto_voice about the place tomorrow, and Hogfather-watching tonight, both of which are good.
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Happy Hogswatch, y'all.
2007 was... not horrible, as years go. Here's hoping I can get myself figured out by May. XD (I've got all of this month to work on it with minimal academic distraction.) I'm applying that year-in-review meme to paper 'cause yeah.
...I had something else, but it's gone now. ::shrugs::
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*[livejournal.com profile] jenerator! The Hogswatch stuff got here yesterday. AWESOME. Thanks!
(For those who haven't heard yet, I now have a Death of Rats button, a Death bumper sticker, and a shirt what says 'fabricati diem, pvnc.')
*My brain wants to add this to my Sneakers soundtrack. I might have to do up an unofficial version or something, since I got chronologically picky with that one, but at the same time... it just works.
*Speaking of Andrew Bird, I'm half tempted to call the journal I'm starting with for [livejournal.com profile] embodiment 'taking all our myths to the bank.' Has a nice ring to it.
*Note to self: dig up plot-related font color tags.
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Gather all your RP journals, list the characters and any AU versions you RP. Open the post to the public so even lurkers can ask the muses questions. Respond with that RP account.
ye olde list )
And to make this more interesting, if you have any questions for me about the headvoices, ask them, too.
::insert obligatory finals-related Jedi Mind Trick here::
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I realize it's a largely inconsequential thing to be upset about, particularly in light of this week's more literal failures at life, and I caught the bit where this isn't entirely beyond hope, but STILL.
(In more entertaining news: Hampshire's commencement speaker? Will be George Takei. I LOVE THIS VALLEY SOMETIMES.)
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Methinks it's time for a new list.
and so, one shall happen. )
So yeah. Thanks to those who've weighed in on the grad school indecision so far; I'm thinking what might end up happening is I'll apply to my short list and see how I feel from there. (And my short list doesn't want answers until February, so it'll give me something to do over J-term! XD)
Also, I think I need to make a new Hogswatch sweatshirt. My current model was too big in the first place, but now it's just ridiculous. Something to attend to over break, I guess.
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So. Have started reading Making Money. Non-spoilery conclusion thus far: WIN.
minor-spoilery conclusion herein )
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Last night there was watching of Hot Fuzz. Odd little movie, but good (and utterly begging for a Discworld crossover). Also, a couple people dropped by and asked if they could borrow a movie. I sent them off with Sneakers; they returned it this morning and said they enjoyed it.
Today, there is what the people involved insist on referring to as a birthday Basch (yes, that Basch). I'm only joining in on the food part of the food-and-laser-tag festivities, thanks to work. Also, it seems there will be Visiting People, which is exciting. I may well end up loaning floor space. (Quin: Phone time will still be go, as discussed.)
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I was going to wait and do a 'two memes for the price of one!' deal, but I am occasionally impatient. (Those of you who know me in real life are likely going 'occasionally?' at this point. XD) So:
Comment with one of my fandoms, and I'll reply with:

01. The character I first fell in love with
02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
03. The character everyone else loves that I don't
04. The character I love that everyone else hates
05. The character I used to love but don't any longer
06. The character I would shag anytime
07. The character I'd want to be like
08. The character I'd slap
09. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise
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So there's this 'snippets from WIPs' meme doing the rounds on my flist. And, well, most of my WIPs are going into [livejournal.com profile] sto_helit_lace as I write them, but whatever, right?
And so, snippets are happening.
stealing Nny and Fahye's permutation, where you get summaries )
...yeah, that's all I've got.
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tales from the crypt--I mean, factory )
In other news: I think yesterday's LJ blackout is part of a larger lesson in 'why you shouldn't concentrate half the Internet's data centers in one city.'
And my Ankh-Morpork Postal Service bag got here! It's not overly padded, but that's okay, I have a towel! I can still use it for Hex.
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There was no El Supervisor today!* Despite the two hours and then some of down time because we had no parts for to build things, it was a rather stress-free day.
This week's book at work is Wicked. It's long enough that it might end up being next week's as well. Conclusion so far: 'horrors' is kind of the best first word ever. XD
Have burned off the Pyramids soundtrack, and it is Good.
I might have a job for [livejournal.com profile] mixed_muses soon, if this keeps up. ::le sigh:: Have I mentioned lately that my headspace is silly?
And now, the tending to the laundry.

*No one is sure if this is a temporary state of affairs or what. Time will tell.


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