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I've come to the conclusion that I only post when I have a meme/other handy reason to do so because I don't feel like my life is worth writing about.
So, a couple things of note:
*Work remains work-like, especially since we're in holiday prep mode. Job search... also remains job-search-like (and very, very frustrating in this climate, esp. since I'm trying to focus on somewhere I'm not).
*My grandfather had epic surgery in mid-September; he made it through that all right, but his doctor's told him to make sure everything's in order. I... will not be entirely surprised if we're having a funeral before the year's out. (I'm not trying to sound callous about it. It's just... dude's 81 and has a zillion health problems. I've made peace with it, I think. Though I reserve the right to say otherwise when it happens.)
*Got sucked into Once Upon a Time; looking forward to seeing where that goes.
*Upgraded to an actual purse! I've been using my old CD bag for ages now because it fit everything, but... really, self (also, since I got the iPod hookup for my car, I haven't actually played any of the CDs in said bag). It's one of Mom's old purses, but it'll do.
*Writing... needs to be a thing that happens. Prompts Accepted Here!
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Oh, LJ. These have been some special shenanigans. (Or perhaps it's more 'oh, annoying hackers.')
House's Tubes and phone came back on as mysteriously as they turned off the day after my last post (since then, I've just been full of my usual postingfail). Technician who came out to investigate said we were the third house to report that happening.
Had Baby's First Jury Duty a couple weeks ago! It was a very interesting experience (and I blame it for the 'team of unlikely heroes meets on jury duty' aspect of my Heroes-meets-Alphas wacky dream sequence yesterday morning. The dream also included a commercial for a truly hilarious-sounding Graham Norton Show, and then I woke up). More on that later, perhaps.
Mid-July seems to have it in for my car, which stopped running last week (just when I really needed the AC, of course). Might be the battery, might be the alternator (again). We're still mid-diagnosing.
Work is the usual back-to-school fun, with the added layer of someone at the top of the chain marking us down as starting back later than literally every other store in the state - so we're having to basically honor two ads at once. V. annoying.
I am really enjoying the current season of Warehouse 13.
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One of these days I will make a full list of my 'vids I wish existed' ideas. I have neither the time nor the computer capacity to start learning how to do it myself right now.
But in the meantime, this needs to be a Doctor Who vid starring Amy, stat.
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I could easily spend all of my work discount-coupon-thing on movies; there's some good stuff on the DVD rack at the moment, and it's half-price until the 31st. I probably won't, though. There's nothing there that I absolutely have to have OMG, and it'd defeat the purpose of paring down.
(It'll probably go toward a new laptop fan. I've screwed up the bit where the cord plugs into the old one, so it doesn't stay on without a lot of effort.)
Also, the website I've been proofreading for since July is looking for some more editors. It's not restricted to Americans, though the content is foreign op/eds about America, and there's some interesting stuff that comes down the pipe (I edited a translation of something originally written by Gorbachev, right before New Year's). So if that sounds like something that'd interest any of the proofreader types on my flist, check it out.
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I'm not only sick but dealing with the Viking hordes (it can't ever just be one thing, can it?), but why let that stop me from squeeing about what I wrote for Yuletide, now that I can? 'cause I'm immensely proud of both stories this year.
said squeeing goes here )
And thank you to shopfront for Picture Perfect (or, the one that fills BOTH of my requests and does so brilliantly!).
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The first time I mentioned the 'guess my stories!' bit, I left off the ficbit-as-prize part. So, consider this a restatement: Guess what I wrote for Yuletide! If you're right I'll write you a ficbit!
I wrote two full-length stories this year. (Those of you who already know one or both are disqualified from guessing that one-or-both. XD)
In other news: I hate sinus infections, and I found The Sword in the Stone on DVD at Target last night.
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So on Sunday Mom went to get herself a soda, and spotted someone dumping a couple kittens by the side of the road. She and Dad staged a rescue despite her allergies (I never thought I'd hear a cat meow in this house); due to said allergies and the cold weather, we couldn't keep them overnight, so they took 'em to the shelter, where they will hopefully go to good home(s) soon.
...and where my parents promptly fell in love with a dog. ::facepalm::
I am still not prepared to be a dog-having household again. I expect I will be about three months from now. But she's a very calm dog, at least.
Meanwhile, a very pretty thing: Amy Pond in the style of Alphonse Mucha. mmmmmmm, Art Nouveau.
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Dear Conan O'Brien:
Shave. Please. You might be digging the beard, but I am incapable of seeing a commercial for your new show without thinking... well, of this:
The first rule of Walter Peck's Comedy Revue is you do not talk about the Ghostbusters. The second rule of Walter Peck's Comedy Revue is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE GHOSTBUSTERS.
(And possibly the third rule is that you don't talk about Chris Knight, either, since William Atherton was basically the same character in Real Genius.)
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One of these days, I will have an icon for an OTP that is not completely doomed; today is not that day.
I have not seen the now-infamous flow chart, and I don't think I want to, at this point. But for what it's worth, I will show off the awesome ladies in my icons:
there are not many at all, but there are a few. )
Also, places where I have written things lately: The Doomed Ship Ficathon and the Bechdel Test ficathon.
(Also also how is it Yuletide time already.)
Still need to check out that gaming shop; still need to write more Vincenia; finally came up with a character for the brainwave of a couple weeks ago, but only one does not a story make.
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So there's this thing, this year, where the Reds are good. I AM SO CONFUSED GUYS. I'm used to the local sports teams being terrible! This has been the case since I was little!
But hey, they made it to the playoffs, and more power to 'em. It's not that I don't like them being good for a change, it's just... odd.
ABC Family reminded me last night that people made a full movie out of the "Good Burger" sketch from All That. Much as I liked the sketch when I was a kid, I'm not sure it would stand up to comparison now, or age well over two hours. (Still, a part of my heart went "GOOD BURGER!" right away. XD)
[livejournal.com profile] quinby and I brainstormed a THING OF EPICNESS earlier. It's on the very back burner for now, as there's Vincenia to contend with and this thing has no characters so far, but it is NO LESS EPIC FOR THAT.
I am late to the Hark, a vagrant bandwagon, but as long as I'm here, it taught me about this guy. HE IS EPIC WIN.
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Things of note lately:
*My grandfather's home from the hospital for the second time in slightly over a month.
*How excited am I for new Warehouse 13 on Tuesday? THIS EXCITED.
*I'm extremely late in this, but I'm jumping on the Percy Jackson bandwagon. Finished The Lightning Thief this morning and semi-promptly went to the library for The Sea of Monsters. In conclusion: OMG(s). Seriously, you know you're in for a treat when the first chapter title is "I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher."
*Awesome Ladies Ficathon. Truly a thing of awesome.
*...I have 98 pages in my Vincenia file. O_O (Admittedly, it's 97-and-a-bit, at the moment, but. STORY, I HEART YOU.)
*Got myself a copy-editing gig! \o/
*Also: I filled my car tires almost entirely by myself tonight. I have ongoing struggles with getting an accurate read from my pressure gauge, so the fact that that's not where I had to ask Dad for help counts as Epic Win, in my book.
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Meanwhile, in 'my brain plays free association': I am not entirely sure I'd be able to see Get Him to the Greek without waiting for the alternate ending wherein it's all an elaborate setup to keep St. Trinian's from going bankrupt (again).
We now return you to your evening already in progress.
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Better Than It Sounds, the sequel: There were a number of things that I looked for, in trying to fill out the meme, and didn't find. So I added them.
here for your guessing pleasure )
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] misslucyjane: Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works and put their summaries from better than it sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.
oh, meme. )
Also: Yesterday I broiled some fish all by myself, and it didn't end in disaster. I think this is a pretty good achievement.
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So I'm two weeks behind most of y'all, since I don't think Hex is quite up to holding video files and I figured I'd just wait for BBC America to show it (now that we get it, thank you DirecTV).
And, well. I adored Tom Baker, and I liked Sylvester McCoy well enough in the... one episode PBS would air as its 'give us money!' drive. I've only seen a couple bits of the new stuff, not really enough to have a solid opinion on either.

But I don't think I'd found my Doctor yet. SO MANY KINDS OF AMAZING.
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(The scene: The couch. Mom and I are watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Sirius and wolfy!Remus just started fighting.)

Mom: So... the wolf kills the dog?
me: No.
Mom: ...The dog kills the wolf.
me: No. Neither of them die in this one.
Mom: Oh, I thought Sirius died.
me: That's two movies from now. He falls through a drapery.
Mom: ...::blank stare::
me: It's supposed to be the ~*~Veil of Deeeath!~*~ ::spirit fingers:: But yeah, most of the fans are right there with you on the blank stare.
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*It must be Friday. I never could get the hang of Fridays.
*It was Us Vs. The Machines at work this morning; I think the registers had a conspiracy going. (And work!Tubes were down for a while, which... may or may not have something to do with the weather up north? I don't know if that's based in MA, but it wouldn't surprise me.)
*Local alumnae club's dinner thing was Sunday. Pretty awesome, I think.
*We have Milk from Netflix; I watched it yesterday. I don't usually go in for things that I know are gonna end badly, but I thought that was one I needed to see. Excellent movie, that one.
*I am wondering why my sweatshirt smells like tap water on the coast. It's been washed since the last time it would've been anywhere near a coast (if I even took it along).
*I had to drop out of a fic thing because Vincenia has pretty much taken over my writing brain. I... actually like that state of affairs.
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...So that wish I mentioned last post?
Was apparently granted at the end of January. This... may necessitate using my last Barnes & Noble card.


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