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So. It's been a while. I wish I could say I had better news.

Quinn got laid off in January. We've both been job-hunting since then, but the economy's not on our side, and her unemployment ran out last week. I have some freelance stuff going, but that's not nearly enough to meet everything we need to; I'm also still waiting to hear back from an interview the week before last, but I'm losing hope that I got it.

We hate having to do this, but we need your help, internets.

We know we're not the only ones broke or close to it, so if all you can offer is kind thoughts or spreading the word, we understand, and we do appreciate those too. We also don't expect something for nothing, and we're willing to offer our skills in exchange. (This is the time we both wish we could art more. XD)

I am offering my editing/proofreading services. Anything you need picked over, I'll have a look at it - I have a lot of experience editing non-native/translated-into English, so Don't Worry, I've Probably Seen Worse. I'm comfortable with pretty much any subject matter, and if you want concrit on your story/paper, I can give you that as well.

I'm also willing to write some fic (Warehouse 13, Persona 4, Sneakers, the other usual suspects) or try my hand at something original.

Quinn is also offering some fic (W13, P4, Rent, Ender's Game), as well as meta ramblings about her usual cohort of fandoms. She is also happy to crop icons if provided screencaps - she can't do anything fancier than cropping, but her crops are pretty excellent.

She can also do rambling about historical and political topics - just name one and she'll go off. Her historical specialty is the American Revolution.

The fabulous Mandy ([plurk.com profile] hurricanebomb) has offered her graphics-fu, which is considerably higher than ours; she'll do DW info pages, custom plurk layouts, and any number of other things. Her DeviantArt gallery is here if you want to see samples. (Note that due to her own medical issues, it may be a while before she can deliver goods.)

The equally fabulous Gabby ([personal profile] ladyoflorien, [plurk.com profile] gabbynormal) has also offered her own art-fu. She's willing to talk art, jewelry, and soldering commissions with the proceeds going to us. ETA: She now has an itemised list of what's on offer up here.

Things need to go through Quinn's Paypal (angelicphoenix at gmail).

Thank you all in advance, for whatever you can do. Hopefully this hole we've fallen into won't last long, and we'll be able to properly return the favor soon.

Date: 2015-09-10 11:55 pm (UTC)
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I love this so much. The Warehouse is such a great character and multiple Moist's running around is terrifying.
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