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So, Yuletide! Once upon a time I had grand plans of signing up and requesting a fix-it fic for a certain Cold Case episode, because a) it really truly needs a fix-it and b) BOOTLEGGING LESBIANS. And then, even though I nominated the characters, I didn't end up signing up.

But I did end up writing it.

I got my gal (who could ask for anything more) was me - short, sweet, not easy but hopeful. I realised after writing it that it can't be a fix-it in the 'and they all lived happily ever after' style. That would do a disservice to canon, which never shied away from how much humanity sucks sometimes. This is a white girl and a black girl trying to get by as a couple in the '30s; it was never going to be sunshine and puppies.

But it fixes the part of canon where it all went wrong, and gives them a chance. I like to think they make it work, but that wasn't the part of the story that needed telling.

([personal profile] rosabelle, I confess to wondering if you worked out it was me. XD)
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