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First order of business: Quinn and I are considering running a Warehouse 13 prompt fest. Watch this space!

Second order of business: We finally watched the last three episodes of S4 over the holiday weekend. Quinn got drunk for it; I stayed sober (more because I don't like the taste of alcohol than anything else).

4x18: I like the pirates thing! Pirates are cool! Oddly, what I was most dubious about in that plot line was a pirate running around in 1914 - but no, he was an actualfax guy who was actualfax pirating the actualfax Great Lakes in actualfax 1914. Show's history research remains top-notch.

However. While Nick is one smooth operator, I have... Issues with Claudia being conned by a 500-year-old 15-year-old. Some of those stem from RP background in which she wouldn't bring home a stray now, and I haven't taken her into S3 yet (such as I'm going to; she's AU as of "Reset" because "Reset"). (ETA: And RP or not, it really bothers me that Claud didn't listen to her best friend when he told her Nick was a LYING LIAR WHO LIES.)

And Another Thing: Okay, sure, you may not want to get into all of the details of why Evil Giles was bronzed on the computer file (and really, why does the bronze sector have such shitty records? I'd think those were the important ones). But would it be that hard to say 'yeah, the dude straight-up murdered hundreds of people For Science'? (I am glad he didn't emerge from the bronzer speaking modern English, but Quinn says it was modern German, not middle German, which would've been more accurate. Also, how is it Helena needed a recovery period and he was more or less okay?)

4x19: ...I couldn't even watch Claud the Crumbling Statue. Like, rocking in a ball on the couch couldn't watch.

Pete, Myka's treatment options are up to her. Myka, stop talking about cancer treatments like you're considering an abortion. Both of you, WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL DOCTOR VANESSA?

I am really not sure what to make of Abigail's sudden importance in the Warehouse's overall hierarchy? I mean, it's a neat idea, to be sure. But, Thing One, why is the Warehouse trusting something as important as ITS ENTIRE HISTORY to a 'once in every generation, a Slayer is born deal? What if you get someone who doesn't want to help or uses that information for Evil, and then you're screwed for a generation? And Thing Two, it really cheapens the 'cake and counseling will be available' aspect of her showing up. As it was introduced, she needed the Warehouse as a place of healing as much as the people there needed her to help them heal from Evil Artie. But with this twist... I don't know, man. It makes it not work as well from the beginning.

The what's-it-called room with the runes is pretty neat! But... Quinn got hung up on the fact that the Warehouse has pretty much never been in a place that used runes while they were in use; she thinks it should've been heiroglyphs. Maybe the runes were because of Evil Giles somehow??? I dunno.


4x20: OH MY GOD, WHAT. This only works if everyone holds the Idiot Ball.

1) Okay, sure, you can't disconnect Evil Giles from the Warehouse that easily now, but couldn't they have disconnected him in 1541 when they first caught him? And if Evil Giles of course knows what chemicals to ingest to counteract bronzing, why did he not keep himself on a steady diet of them in the first place?

2) PETE. PETE. YOU DID NOT BUY THIS 'ARTIFACTS CAN SAVE THE WORLD' LINE FROM MACPHERSON. WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT NOW????????? For fuck's sake. I believe Myka about her condition far more than I believe a guy who just murdered several cancer wards for his own personal gain. I mean, I guess if nothing else it confirms he's a Hufflepuff, but... they could have done that without him being a dumbass...

3) Dear Artie: Since when has keeping major secrets ever ended well for you? No love, me. (We'll get to the exact nature of the secret in a moment, because I have 99 problems with it and a lack of logic to the setup is ALL OF THEM.)

4) I know it was a bit of an emergency, but I feel like Claudia finally becoming Caretaker deserved a little more... ceremony than that. I do look forward to the beatdown of Evil Giles, though. (Holy shit her face at the end. YOU HAVE ANGERED THE BADGER.)

finally) As I said above, I have 99 problems with Claire Donovan's existence.
*This is not a bombshell you drop four seasons in.
*It doesn't really work with Joshua in the picture, even taking Artie's '...EVADE' face when Claud asked if Joshua knew into account. Why would he agree to keep that information from her?
*If Claud's seen graves from this, but not necessarily bodies, are one or both of her parents still alive?
*If Claud was important enough to the Warehouse that Artie knew about this when he went after the compass, why the hell did they leave her to her own devices in what canon wants to say was a shitty foster situation followed by time on the streets? (I don't buy either; her damage has never seemed to run quite that deep, to me. But that's beside the point.)
*How old is this chick, anyway? Older than Joshua, stretching the plausibility of Claud's mom's fertility? Somewhere in between? Evil twin?
*If Claire was so very dangerous at the time of the car wreck (which was a few years before Joshua's teleportation accident, so Claud was fairly tiny) that the Warehouse decided separating the two of them and telling each the other was NOPE TOTALLY DEAD IN CONCLUSION DEAD, why didn't they just bronze her? There's a kid in the bronze sector; it's not like there's no precedent. It's a big gamble to assume a kid as young as Claud was would end up at the Warehouse at all, and it's not like she spends her free time poking around the bronze sector working out why everyone's there. (I would have this problem even if Claud had been presented as an only child to this point; that would have circumvented most of my other gripes.)

So they knocked the legs out from under everything that the show is built on. Pete fell for a line he saw through in S1 because a bad guy told him his friend's life was on the line. They broke the trust between Claud and Artie for no fucking reason. They made major changes to the underlying mythology that take the wind out of a perfectly good story line.

I'm almost glad there's only six episodes left.

As a matter of interest, Evil Giles is the first Big Bad I can't tie into my Unified Theory of MacPherson Was Trolling Everyone From Beyond the Grave, unless he bumped into Professor Spike or Charlotte at some point (unlikely).

Overall effectiveness of Big Bads:

1. MacPherson (he actually out-thought everyone)
2. Evil Artie (because he was in fact whammied)
3. Evil Giles (he's chilling, yes, but this all only works because of the Idiot Ball)
4. Sykes (he's too unrelenting for me to see a compelling cause)
5. HG (no. just... no)

Date: 2013-09-05 06:54 am (UTC)
rosabelle: claudia smiling (warehouse 13 - claudia)
From: [personal profile] rosabelle

Date: 2013-09-05 08:27 am (UTC)
lilacsigil: 12 Apostles rocks, text "Rock On" (12 Apostles)
From: [personal profile] lilacsigil
...yeah. I bailed the second of the OMG CANCER reveal and I'm glad, from this report and others, that I did.

Date: 2013-09-05 04:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] yabamena
I. was not happy with this season over all. Mostly because everyone seemed to have gotten stupid. and Pete and Myka especially seemed to have forgotten how to do their jobs! After how many years of doing this? I also don't like how they up and gave Myka cancer for no reason. It felt like they did it just because they needed something to do with her character. I guess they figured they couldn't draw out her HG crush forever.

Basically, all your complaints. Yes. Agree completely.

Date: 2013-09-06 02:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] yabamena
I was so pissed that detaining Artie at all didn't even occur to them. Seriously. Just zap him! I didn't mind HG wanting a normal life. I was kind of bored with her. And Myka going SWF with her.

Claudia bringing home a stray did ping weird for me, but yeah, she definitely should have listened to Steve. And Pete being stupid, and suddenly siblings, and surprise!cancer...just basically I hope the final season cleans up this mess somehow. I'm going with alternate timeline until then.

Date: 2013-10-10 08:19 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] remindmeofthe
HI I JUST FINISHED WATCHING THE LAST FOUR EPS like eight years later so you are getting a comment.

I am willing to wait and see how all this plays out before I start getting mad, but it had better be good. Watching the four eps in succession left me totally blown away, but I suspected that, much like the midseason finale, the application of logic would leave it a touch wanting.

First off, surprise!sister wtf. When Artie dropped the bomb, I was like, "Wait, there was a sister? Did I forget about this?" because it seems like something I would forget about if it were mentioned like once and never again. But NOPE. Surprise!sister. There had better be some seriously epic plot payoff from this or I'm going to end up pretending it never happened.

And I actually kind of like the cancer thing? The show's always dropped little reminders here and there about how the real world will always find ways to intrude on the world of the Warehouse. "Holy shit, this regent we're meeting is my mom," "Oh my god, my sister is having a baby," "Oops, the sheriff is my ex-boyfriend." Now, cancer. Warehouse agents aren't any more invulnerable to terminal illness than anyone else. I definitely see why it's obnoxious in terms of "Hey, this is my SCIFI SHOW FUCK," but I think the shock of it is the point.

I also think it's a valid explanation for Pete's turn with the Idiot Ball. Pete is trained and ready for a lot of things. Guns, hostage situation, Artifacts. He is not trained for his best friend (his sister, really) having cancer. He can't negotiate with it, he can't Tesla it, he can't stick it in a bag. I think the way he was so pushy and overbearing about Myka's treatment options was both totally in character and excellent foreshadowing. Pete can't smash cancer? Here is a man who can smash cancer! Pete will make sure the man smashes the cancer! Paracelus plays him like a violin and, because Pete is in a state of shock and desperation and can't see beyond "must save Myka," it works. This is pretty much the only thing you objected to that I firmly believe made sense.

Other than that, I am on board with your Astrolabe AU theory. Maybe that's how it really works! It doesn't turn back time, that would be silly. It just creates a split in the timeline and takes its user into the "right" one. And hey, that kind of thing can't be done perfectly, so sometimes you'll get shit like a random sister and maybe someone's cells rebelling and going all funky inside them. And everyone losing a few IQ points. BLAME THE ASTROLABE.

EDIT because ALSO ALSO that song choice at the end. I . . . am not sure anyone involved has ever actually listened to that song? Because it basically says, "I cannot deal with your shit, just tell me what you want to hear so I can say it so you don't leave. Asshole." Which I do not think is the overall theme of that particular scene. Except maybe for the "asshole" part.
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