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Cool things:
[community profile] queer_fest prompt claiming is open! I've already got a couple (I, uh, may have one of the stories done already). But go forth, grab prompts, write stories!
Challenge Accepted, in which you can level up D&D-style for doing the stuff you need to do anyway.

Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Leave me prompts here if you like, and I'll write you a short little thing. Or a longer thing if inspiration strikes.

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Claudia, Good idea theater?
"No, seriously, it's cool." Claudia fishes the snowglobe out of her tool belt. "We can still spin this our way."

Ruby/Charles, cages
The club is her idea; neither of them does very well with being cooped up for long stretches.

Regulus, my tomorrow
"Funny, Sirius, here I thought you'd be happy I wasn't pandering to Bella and Mother by default."

Imp-Moist, loose magic
Imp sighs. "No, it wasn't magic, see. It was... something ellse. You may not understand if you didn't see it."

Date: 2013-03-23 03:08 am (UTC)
rosabelle: closeup of bo and lauren almost kissing (lost girl - bo/lauren - faces)
From: [personal profile] rosabelle
I really, really want to see a Cold Case AU of the Billie/Rose prompt. That episode, just. FEELINGS.
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