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Fandom opinion of uncertain popularity: I'm not sure Once Upon a Time has it in it to be more than a three-season show without getting horribly bloated. There are only so many stories and only so many ways to tell them without disregarding everyone else, and sooner or later they'll have to have whatever the final battle's going to be. I'd rather see the show go out on a high note than wonder why it's still going far past when it should have stopped.
(I'm caught up now, at least until Sunday. That was the second least surprising reveal they've done so far - Queen of Hearts takes the full Least Surprising title. But I do like that there weren't easy answers for anyone, and Charming trying to untangle poor Henry's family tree was hilarious.)

Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Now with optional commentfic edition (snagging guidelines from [personal profile] ladyoflorien): leave prompts in the comment section for fics you'd like me to write; they can be anything, anything at all! If you're participating as well, link me to the post where you're accepting prompts so I can return the favor. Since there is no 140 character limit here, the technical limit is whatever will fit in a comment. Prompts will be answered with a fic at least two sentences long, if not longer.

for [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Ruby/Red, Reflections & Differences
Ruby starts spending Sunday nights at Whale's, just to talk. Seems she needs a friend as much as he does.

Claudia, Geek power/Character of choice, Eureka
"Doug," Claudia says, as calmly as she can manage, "why did you decide the town perimeter needed Daleks?"

Character of choice, Rain
It takes Imp weeks to get used to the idea that it doesn't always rain, in most places on the Disc. It's just weird.

Regulus sighs; he'd thought things would fall into place easier than this, but the Ministry's tough to crack.

for [twitter.com profile] tauntingdragons:
Ruby, Nothing but the rain
It's a rainy night, but it's still the full moon, so Ruby takes advantage of it. She could use the break from real life.

Claudia+Jinks, Now's not the time...
"We can worry about that later, Jinksy. Right now we have to find out what's going on here."

Apollo, Barking up the wrong tree
He visits Daphne all of once. "I'm sorry. Whether you believe it or not, that wasn't my idea." (She doesn't answer.)
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