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Or: Guess Who Fell Behind Again. One-episode-back Once Upon a Time spoilers under the cut.

I wasn't expecting more of Hurley the Giant, but I love what they did with the giant backstory. THAT WAS AWESOME. JACK MOST ESPECIALLY. (That said, and why I'm here: Was Jack fridged in the name of mangiantpain? I suspect yes.)

Also, best time to ask about the confusion around Charming's name: While running away from a rampaging giant. Did they confirm his given name is David, or is he just using the curse!name because he finds it more fitting than being James?

Also also, by my Sorting logic, we seem to have a SLYTHERIN ROAD TRIP afoot. This can only end in shenanigans.

But mostly: Second-favorite episode of this season, after Child of the Moon (for Reasons, where by Reasons I mean Ruby). The One Where Belle Hangs With Mulan was up there, UNTIL THEY FRIDGED HER. I still heart her book-fu, though.
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