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Dear 2013: Can we be done with breaking things now? I think three within 48 hours is enough.
Meanwhile: Fic Friday!

for [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Claud & Phyllis, BAMF
"Just goes to show," Claudia says as their notes start to point to a pattern, "never underestimate the techie girls."

Regulus & Regina, strength
"It's not strength if you're always doing what she wants." Regina wants to curse him for saying so, but he's right.

Apollo, his quality
So his kids are a little harder to pick out from the crowd, depending on which domain they glom onto. So what?

Cata & The Medic, twist
"...Well," Cata says, after the mage has gone on his way with a 'keep up the good work.' "That was unexpected."

Red & Snow, survive
Red's never happy to take a life, but she'll do what needs done to help Snow get where she needs to go.

for [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Ruby/Charles, heat of you
Ruby's body temperature runs warm a few days before the full moon; Charles finds it especially nice in the winter.

Claudia, Moist & Imp, pitfalls
"Al! Whatcha doin'?" Claudia says, too brightly; Imp misses the hidden message, but Moist knows the deal's sunk for now.

Regulus-William, choices
Even though Regulus doesn't always grasp the context William's working in, he knows they're both making hard choices.
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