7 Jan 2013

minkhollow: (here at the end of all things)
Now that [community profile] fandom_stocking's live, I can share what I wrote for it! I only managed a couple things; I think the amount I ended up writing for Yuletide fried my brain a little. But I wrote these:

When we're out of town (Once Upon a Time, G), in which Ruby and Belle plan a road trip, just in case they can ever actually take it.

The Business of Second Chances (Warehouse 13/Science RPF, G), in which Mrs. Frederic presents Alan Turing with a third option. (I don't generally do RPF at all, but the person's notes said they like Alan Turing in any setting, and... my brain wouldn't let it go. XD)

(And unrelated, but speaking of things my brain won't let go of: Will Always Find, also known as the Snow And Red Are Detectives AU. IT IS SO MUCH FUN and I'm plotting things with [personal profile] ashen_key for the first time in years and I know Who Done It now.)
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