25 Dec 2012

minkhollow: Robert Redford pointing, from Sneakers (sometimes i don't understand myself)

Whistler's Coda, in which Whistler and Liz are the best people ever.

Also, the Standard Yuletide Challenge stands: Guess what I wrote and I'll write you a thing! I have four stories up this year, in three different fandoms.
minkhollow: (two generations of win)
It is YULETIDE REC TIME, people! Starting from the back of the alphabet because that gets me to Warehouse 13 faster.
(As for things I wrote: Four out of four recips very happy with their stories. Which makes me especially happy because - that awkward moment when stories go live and you see someone treated your recip with something very close to what you wrote them. Not that I blame the other writer; if it hadn't been my assignment I would've tackled it too. XD)
anyway, recs! )
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